Saturday, February 10, 2018

Sam and Cailli- Winter Wonderland

 photo samandcaillibeckerman-beckermanblog-twins-sisters.jpg  photo beckermangirls-beckermanblog-canada-numberonebloggersincanada-streetstyle-sandyliang-offwhite-pomeranian.jpg  photo marnibeckerman-beckermanblog-twins-sisters.jpg  photo beckermangirls-beckermantwins-canada-twins-bloggers-canada-toronto-snow-saintlaurentbag-marni-pumaglasses-sandyliang.jpg  photo blissnmischief-denim-jeans-embroidery-blissandmischief-offwhitecamouflage-canada-beckermans.jpg  photo toycitybackpack-offwhitecamouflagejacket-saintlaurentbackpack-embroidery-offwhitetoronto-virgilabloh-coat.jpg

On Cailli (left): 
Jacket- Off-White by Virgil Abloh
Jeans- Bliss and Mischief embroidered jeans
Bag- Saint Laurent Berber Cloth Toy City backpack
Sunglasses- Lafayette 148 Ida Sunglasses
Boots- Dr. Martens

On Sam (right):
Jacket- Sandy Liang Peter Jacket
Jeans- ALXVNDRA from Shop Super Street (similar here)
Sunglasses- Puma
Boots- Dr. Martens

The Look: Winter Wonderland

Fun Fact: We've been having a total winter wonderland here in Toronto and getting 25cm of snow this weekend! Even our Pomeranian Marni has her lady bug sweater on to keep her warm. For us, we're all about bundling up and trying to pick jackets that can go with anything while being funky. We treat camouflage like a neutral (because technically it is) and love putting it with every kind of denim and even sweatpants. Our friend Sandy Liang from NYC is a super talented designer and we love how she juxtaposes shearling sleeves with bomber jackets. Sandy always adds cool details like big zippers and funky pockets and this Peter jacket is one of my fav' jackets:)

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Monday, December 18, 2017

SHOP our Fav' SALE items!

OMG! We've been scouring the Internet for the best presents on SALE! Scroll all the way down to see our most coveted items this season! Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!  photo FINALARTWORKFORSTORE-3_zpshtk4wi9z.jpg
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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Moschino- My Little Pony Capsule Collection!

 photo moschino-mylittlepoy-beckermanblog-capsulecollection-3_zpsktclp8dp.jpg  photo moschino-mylittlepoy-beckermanblog-capsulecollection-2_zpscz0la83f.jpg  photo moschino-mylittlepoy-beckermanblog-capsulecollection-1_zpsqczcvtgp.jpg  photo moschino-mylittlepoy-beckermanblog-capsulecollection-4_zpsmbqtnety.jpg

The Look: Moschino My Little Pony Capsule Collection!

Fun Fact: We are obsessssed with the Moschino My Little Pony Capsule collection! We used to play with these little Ponies as kids and lost our minds when this collection came out! There is also fabulous backpacks and purses. Especially the iconic Moschino motorcycle bag with embroidered ponies on it! Some of our other fav pieces are the knit sweaters and keychains! Jeremy Scott you have done it again! EPPPPPPIC!!!!! Love you!

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Friday, October 27, 2017

HUE #CHOOSECOLOR Campaign with Hudson's Bay!

We love wearing colorful clothing and we have since we were little kids! Maybe our Mom got us addicted to colour when we were just babies, dressing us up in colorful patterned outfits, but we have been hooked ever since!

Our Dad has been wearing red socks ever since we were babies because they were a good luck present from his Great Aunt. So, he's been wearing color for over 50 years! So not only is wearing color a family tradition, it's in our blood! lol!

This red look is one of our fav's especially with these amazingly comfortable HUE stretchy mod Chevron skimmer leggings. We are obsessed with these leggings and collaborating with HUE and Hudson's Bay because their #ChooseColor campaign really speaks to us!  photo Beckerman 1 - Stories_zpsoxvtxanr.jpg photo RESAVED-Beckerman 2 - Instagram Feed_zpsr43yk8ub.jpg
We are all about layering for Fall and love throwing on a jacket over HUE's Moto leatherette skimmer leggings. We are in love with the grey leatherette color. It makes every color you put with it just pop! We are denim junkies and wear denim everyday.
 photo its-RESAVEDBeckerman 5 - Stories_zpspiqcjhae.jpg photo Beckerman 6 - Instagram Feed_zpsyfpidtgc.jpg
HUE's ripped denim skimmer leggings are the softest and we can't wait to travel in them. Wearing color has always been such a big aspect in how we dress and it's part of our soul!
 photo YES-itsRESAVED-Beckerman 3 - Stories_zpsrzehp0ly.jpg photo FINAL-Beckerman 4 - Instagram Feed_zpsxgtg0e3b.jpg
Camouflage is such a trend this season and we treat it like a neutral when layering with it. HUE's Essential Camouflage Denim leggings (especially the grey and green ones) are at the top of our Fall must haves. We aren't ever taking these off, they are so comfortable! Head over to to shop even more of our HUE #ChooseColor favorites!
 photo YESFINAL-Beckerman 7 - Instagram Feed_zps2wl0k7rt.jpg
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Sunday, September 3, 2017


 photo cailli beckerman-ciao lucia-shopsuperstreet- dat print doe- beckermanblog-1_zps2ciye0aa.jpg  photo cailli beckerman-ciao lucia-shopsuperstreet- dat print doe- beckermanblog-2_zpsfwtyupsq.jpg  photo samanthabeckerman-shopsuperstreet-vans-dolorousjewellery-fruit_zps1ppe8smc.jpg  photo dolorousjewellery-vanscheckerboard-beckermanblog-sambeckerman-toronto_zpstoauad0e.jpg  photo sambeckerman-sandyliang-fruitdress-shopsuperstreet-samanthabeckerman-beckermanblog_zps2a6uyntb.jpg

The Look: Sundaze

Cailli- Ciao Lucia Ludavica shell Souvenir print top and Carlotta skirt from or from
Shoes- Vans

Sam- Sandy Liang Dress from
Shoes- Vans
Bag- Mini Gabrielle Chanel Bag
Jewelery- Dolorous Chains

Fun Fact: Our sis Chloe from designed this awesome print together with our friend Lucy who owns (our fav store in L.A) for her hot hot hot new label called ! Her line is sooo dreamy and obsessive... it transports us straight to a sunny beach! or in reality straight to our porch to sip some morning coffee! Sam is wearing our other friend Sandy's dress and we loooooooove the fruit print. The ruffle bib hanging mixed with some Vans is our perfect way to kick off a Sunday! This is the mini Gabrielle Chanel bag and its sooo perfect. The complimentary colours go with everything!

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Vetements x Levis Collab!

 photo Cailli Beckerman- Vetement-Levis-Vetement Collab-Balenciaga-BeckermanBlog-5_zps9cffnpbr.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman- Vetement-Levis-Vetement Collab-Balenciaga-BeckermanBlog-2_zpsxjztlsiq.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman- Vetement-Levis-Vetement Collab-Balenciaga-BeckermanBlog-3_zpsmxakkl8z.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman- Vetement-Levis-Vetement Collab-Balenciaga-BeckermanBlog-4_zpshgaek8bd.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman- Vetement-Levis-Vetement Collab-Balenciaga-BeckermanBlog-1_zps3kgy06dj.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman- Vetement-Levis-Vetement Collab-Balenciaga-BeckermanBlog-6_zps2jyzzdit.jpg

The Look: Vetements x Levis Collab

Fun Fact: This was by far one of my most favourite collabs on the season. I looooove Vetements and have been collecting vintage Levis since I was a teenager. But both of them together!!! OMG! I love the zippers and the mismatched pockets and how this jean jacket was re-worked back together. It's so exciting when brands come together to create these beautiful pieces. Since I'm a denim junkie I fell hard for these pieces. Plus my boyfriend surprised me and got me this jacket for my Birthday... he knows me so well! lol! 

Jacket- Vetements x Levis (get it in black denim here!)
Pants- Vetements x Levis
Hat- Balenciaga
Shoes- Balenciaga

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